Welcome to Tony’s D&D game

This game is in D&D 3.5E. Some of our players have played 2E, 3E but all have extensive experience in 3.5E. Our game is scheduled for Wednesdays at 8:00pm to 12:00am weekly CST

In our game we use a virtual tabletop program called Fantasy Grounds II, we have been very impressed with it and would recommend it.


Eddie – Mah’raesh Abaeyir ((Party Archer (Class: Binder)))
Gustavo – Gothstaff ((Party Arcane Magic Damager (Class: Wizard)))
Matt – Jillian ((Party Scout and Theif (Class: Rogue)))
Jeremy – Cho’Gath ((Party Melee Damager (Class: Fighter)))
Paco – Tulkas ((Party Healer (Class Fighter/Cleric)))
Wesley – Raervain Nailo ((Party Divine Magic Damager (Class: Druid)))


Red Hand Horde

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